Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Father's Occupation

Once upon a time, in a beautiful village somewhere in Malaysia, a standard three class was having their English class.
Ms. Linda, the school’s English teacher gathered all her standard three pupils for a light public speaking session. Their topic for the day was “My Father’s Occupation”.
One by one, her students got up and shared with the class what their father do for a living.
My father is a farmer. He plants many vegetables and fruits and sells them all at the market”
“My father is a fisherman. He goes to see to catch fish in his boat every day.”
“My father is hunter. He hunts for deer in the jungle everyday”.
As each student stood to give some description about their father, Ms. Linda noticed that Kasim was looking rather worried. She thought it was just Kasim fearing his turn and so she prepared herself to motivate Kasim to be confident.
When it came to Kasim’s turn, he stood and stared at everyone. He could not start describing about his father. Ms. Linda got hold of his hand and whispered gently, “It’s all right Kasim, there is nothing to be worried about. There is no harm in trying.”
Again, Kasim looked confused. After a while, Kasim gathered enough courage to speak.
My father’s name is Azizi.”
He paused for a while. Ms. Linda nodded her head indicating Kasim to continue…
“My father is a "Banger". He "bangs" at the mosque five times a day when it is prayer time.”
Ms. Linda fainted.

Blog adjourned.

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