Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seeing Beyond The Normal Vision

Once there was a President of a small country who was walking up a hill to get an overall view of his subjects. He arrived safely at the peak of the hill and found a nice spot to sit and rest. As he was looking at his beautiful country and how his people were doing, he suddenly heard someone laughing behind him.
As he turned, he saw an old sage sitting on a rock laughing and pointing fingers to him. The leader got a bit agitated and restless. “He must be a mad old man. Why would an old sage laugh at his own President?” the President thought to himself.
As he continued to gaze at his subjects just under the hill, the old sage kept on laughing behind him. This time, that old man’s laughter grew louder and this started to annoy him.
So he turned and asked the old sage, “Hey old man, what are you laughing about?”
The following conversation took place:
Do you see those people, trees, animals and buildings down there? Those are your subjects’ right?
Indeed they are. I am their President and they are indeed my people.
Hah Hah Hah! 
That’s the funny part. That is what I see but know that it is not what you should be seeing O President.
What do you mean it is not the same?
What I see is something that is not attached to me or my life. But such is not the same with you O President.
Know that when I die and meet my Lord, I will be asked about my life and how I spent it.
Such is not the same for you O president. Instead, you will be asked about the life of your subjects and how it has been for them first before you will be further interrogated about your own life.
You see all the people, trees, animals and buildings? As much as they are your subject and responsibility here in this misleading world, know that you will be asked about each one of them in minute detail by the All Knower in the Day of Judgment.
Will you be able to stand tall before your Lord and answer about each one of them?
And when I asked you what you see, you gave an answer similar to what I saw…
Now isn’t that funny?
That is why I laugh at you O President.
Now tell me, how many leaders remember the responsibility that they have to deal with in the Hereafter?
Particularly so when millions of his subjects hates him and wants him to leave office?
Blog adjourned.

4 obiter dictum:

Shazeea said...

No need to go that far Adam!

How about the patients I will treat? Or my employees?

Or the people you dispense justice too?

Or the people who had an uncomfortable flight when Khairul was piloting???

Haha. Good reminder. Jazakallah.

two_one said...

very true. very true. very true.

Muhammad Azhari said...


Hope you don't mind if I were to share this column of yours. Very well laid out that I think it is very wise to share with others.

I'll be editing it a bit though if it is okay with you...

two_one said...

Take take take. take what is good and leave what u think is not going to be beneficial. no problem.
was just wondering, where will u be using it eh?