Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary To The Bride :)

*The Bride and Groom*
*Amboi... renungan sang Isteri.. lembik lutut aku...*
3 Years And Counting!Alhamdulillah :)

Good things come in small packages...
*The Bride when she was about to be posted to me*
 All praises be to Allah for blessing me with the Bride and little chempedak.
 *Chempedak at day 2*
*Chempedak singing*
It has been 3 awesome years already…
I remember three years ago around this time, I was still running here and there preparing the stuff for the big night.
*Ini ke pilihan hati mu wahai Cik Bride? hehehe*
Then suddenly, Chempedak was rolling around between us at night…
 *"Whatcha starring at punk?*
Time flies…
 *My two girls... :)*
*Tersepit di antara kasih sayang mei mei and daddy*
May Allah continue to bless us and allow us to do more good in His name…
*I know i stink sometime*
*Sometimes you do too... in a sweet way :)*
*And sometimes you know u stink and u still wanna kiss me*
*But I don't mind... because I love you bebeh!*
Blog adjourned...

7 obiter dictum:

cmb said...

aaaww I LOVE YOU TOO!! *kiss*kiss*

Shepha said...

sweet la KK.
bagi little chempedak a baby brother, little nangka pulak :)

happy anniversary~

two_one said...

Twiggy: :)
Shepha: little nangka? hey, that's a great idea my little lamb. im gonna use that if i get a son. Insha Allah nak try tahun depan. :)

Malicious Mind said...

happy anniversary to adam & your beautiful wife. lovin this post. so cute.

two_one said...

Thank you MM!!! :)

AdzyH said...

OMG this is the sweetest post! For a guy, you're quite the mushy :p

I discovered your blog from your wife's. You both are so fun to read!

And belated I know, but Congrats on the 3rd year!

two_one said...

Typo kot tu. I'm sure u wanted to type Macho instead. Hehehe. Welcome. Thank you and hope you stay tune :)