Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peng Peng Part 2

So here's more about the competition. JALSOA did a few categories and further separated the men and the women into different categories.
 *Just arrived*
*Walther 9mm*
As for the competition, we were given Walther 9mm. Coincidentally, James Bond also uses a Walther PPK. Ngeh Ngeh Ngeh... Another step closer. Hehehe.
All Bonds posing with their Walther gun *__*
As for the Centre-Fire (15m) I was number 4. This is where you are given 10 bullets and unlimited time to shoot the target. The Rapid-Fire (10m) I managed to get 2nd place.... Not bad eh?
*My Rapid-Fire Result*
As for the Team Falling Plate (15m) my seniors named our group “Kumpulan Ramas”! LoL! Memang kerja nak meramas je la aku kat sana! Hahaha.
*Ahli Kumpulan Ramas*
For this event, you get to pick and form a team of 4 shooters and there is a standoff with the other team. Kalah mati. The game is for the team to shoot down metal plates. Four shooters on the right and four shooters on the left. The group who finishes all plates first wins, or the shortest time or if the plates and time are the same, the remaining bullets will be the determining factor. For each standoff, there are 10 plates.  This means there are 20 plates, 10 on the right and 10 on the left. Each shooter is given 5 bullets. Only 5 bullets. That’s 20 bullets for 10 plates.
For the first round, I shot 5 bullets and didn’t even hit a single plate. Had it not been because of my two female Deputy Registrars shooting 3 and 2 plates each, we would have been eliminated in the first round. The other team only managed to shoot 3 / 4 plates.
It was straight to the Semi-Finals. This time I focused and aimed harder. The moment the umpire said go, I was all focused to shoot my plates. My first two shots saw me hitting two plates. It was about 20 seconds’ gap between my first two shots. I missed my third shot. My fourth shot saw me hitting another plate. By now, all of my team mates have and the other team are already out of bullets. Two plates left on both side. I had one single bullet left.
Serious pressure nak mampus.
Hit the plate and we are through to the finals... miss it and we are out...
Aim... aim... aim...
Then I “ramas”ed my trigger... Pang!!!
I got the plate!
YAY!!! We are through to the finals!!!
Phewh!!! Pressure gile jadi last shooter. But puas hati gila jadi hero. LoL
Blog adjourned.

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