Monday, April 25, 2011

Peng Peng Part 3

Kumpulan Ramas is now in the finals of the 15m Falling Plate event.
*A different pose from the Kumpulan Ramas members*
This time, we are facing a team which comprises of (if I’m not mistaken) 2 professional police shooters and another 2 JALSOA senior members. I think the 2 JALSOA senior members have their own gun! That’s how experienced they were.
Kumpulan Ramas didn’t care. We knew we could not win so we were just happy that we get to be in the finals. Being in the finals means we get to shoot more bullets. :)
As the umpire gave the green light, I took two shots. Both hit my target. Then my other two shots missed my target. By now, I am left with only one bullet. Again. At first I thought of relaxing and take a short 10 seconds breather.
But guess what? There was only one plate left. ON BOTH SIDES!!!
Ini lagi pressure giler pada semi finals! And I didn’t know how many bullets they had left.
It was seriously a race against time. As I was aiming, I heard the other side firing two shots but there was no “kepiiuuunggg” sound of a bullet hitting a metal plate just like the sound effect in Gerak Khas (although in Gerak Khas, even if the polis shot a tree pun it will still sound like the bullet kena a metal plate! LoL!)
I zoned out from the cheers of my friends behind me. I was really aiming and ensuring that the rear dot and the front dot were in a straight line and that line is aiming towards the bottom of the plate. That was my target. Aiiimmmmmmm and slowly ramas my trigger.
 *Posture seorang penembak*
 *Berjaya kena sasaran*
 *This is waht you call "Falling Plate" hahaha*
 *Still falling*
This seriously got me jumping around and screaming peng peng and shooting my supporters with my fingers!
*Peng Peng*
Suddenly, the umpire came and told us to go to the other side. Apparently, for the finals, its the best out of three.
 *Hah?? Ape?? Ada lagi satu round???*
*Umpire kena explain rules pada Kumpulan Ramas*
I was shocked! I told him I was too tired to shoot because I drained my energy cheering. He just smiled at me.
So off we went to the other side.
Nervous gila. Polis team opponent mesti tension sebab kalah ngan amateurs and they would be trying extra harder.
Camane ni??
Jeng Jeng Jeng!
Blog adjourned.

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