Sunday, July 17, 2011

Changing Of Real Chambers

I’m back!
I am so sorry I blocked you all from accessing my blog the last couple of weeks without any notice.
You see, I was in the midst of looking for a new employer. I know that some HR would even go to the extent of investigating one’s Facebook / Tweeter / Blog in order to gain more information on their prospective employee. That got me to block my blog so that my blog would not have any bearing on whether I am successful in the interview or not. It would be horrifying if I didn’t get the job because of a particular post on my blog and I just didn’t want to take any chances.
What to do... Paranoid mode was on...
Now that all is well Alhamdulillah, I will resume blogging again.
Hehehe. Yes… “All is well” means that I have found a new employer. hence the reason why the title of this post is as it is... 
It also means that my days at the Judiciary are coming to an ultimate end.
Nope, there was never any misunderstanding or anything negative as to the reason why I am leaving. All is well at the Judiciary… I just thought that it is about time for me to have a different air and expand my experience and exposure as an Advocate and Solicitor…
Insha Allah I will be joining SKRINE sometime mid September this year. J
I plan to ‘bertaubat’ during the last 10 days of Ramadhan and about 1 week of Raya holiday before I start climbing the corporate ladder.
Alhamdulillah, I considered all offers on my plate (and this includes staying at the Judicial And Legal Service) but I felt that SKRINE is able to offer me a wholesome and lucrative offer. I made Istikharah prayers for a while and even when other offers came in, it looks as though the path towards SKRINE was easy and comforting.
The Bride also gave her nod. 
Yay! I love you baby!
Actually, she was very okay with SKRINE when she found out that SKRINE’s office is close to her office and not in the heart of KL which she initially thought it was, and this means I can easily go for lunch with her, hehe. Once she indicated that she was comfortable with SKRINE, I felt like a huge relief and that sort of confirmed my decision.
A friend of mine said that since I am leaving the Service, people would no longer call me Two_One… I replied saying that “Kesantunan Bahasa Melayu mengatakan bahawa dalam Sapaan lisan kepada orang yang disapa seperti Syed ialah Tuan Syed manakala bagi Raja disapa dengan gelaran Yang Mulia. This means I can still use Two_One in my blog hehehe.”
Oh... on another note, I would be away for two weeks as I would be attending my dearest Sister-In-Law’s graduation in the UK. Will be taking some time to take the Bride and Lil Chempedak to go to Disneyland Paris. 
So please make dua for my family’s safety and for a blessed career shift.
Thank you so much for being patient and returning to my blog. :)
You all are awesome!
Blog adjourned.

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Athena said...

Hey Adam, litigation? Corporate? ;)
Yay, am not the only one who 'cabut' from service to join private practice ;p yep,totally understand, dalam hidup kan perlu berhijrah kan...

two_one said...

Corporate :)
Yup Yup... Hijrah ke arah sesuatu yang lebih baik Insha Allah. :)

tynn said...

all the was good while it lasted in the joodishary nor??

fdyana said...

y is ur bride's blog block? I love her blog more!

Anonymous said...


im ur bride's blog silent reader. am wondering is it still being block?
looking forward to read more of her interesting and witty entries :)

two_one said...

fdyana & Anon: Indeed, even i love her blog more than this blog :) She's moved to :) go ahead and knock yourself out. :)

fdyana said...

Thank you! I've missed her.