Friday, January 13, 2012

The Young Lawyer

I think I've written about this topic before. See here.
Anyhow, this post is written in a slightly different context. 
Yesterday, as I was leaving office, I bumped into a partner and her nice lady client in the lift.
As usual, I'd start some small chat to warm the awkward silence of the elevator.
"All done for the day?"
They nodded and smiled back at me.
Then the lady client asked, "Are you a lawyer as well?" I nodded in reply.
She apologised, "I'm sorry I asked but I had too, you look so young! You must've just graduated".
I smiled.
"Actually, I've been in practice for a few years. In fact, I'm heading home to play with my two year old daughter".
Then the lift door opened and we stepped out. As she was leaving out of the building, I wished her a pleasant night. The client smiled.
"Your answer described your age perfectly. I would've expected an answer like that from a lawyer".
Man! Did she made my day yesterday!
*Ni baru "Young Lawyer"!*
Blog adjourned.

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Anonymous said...

young lawyer lh. masih muda n xpernah buat kes.