Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ramadhan's Visitor.

You came a month ago as a visitor bringing much reward that we could never imagine.
Your consistency in coming on time and leaving as schedule is a sign of punctuality and consistency.
You were present among those who acknowledged your presence.
You accompanied us without fail if we embraced your existence.
You appear as a burden to those who failed to value you for what you are worth.
In fact, you are deemed worthless by those who do not welcome you.
At times, you are so easy to be perfomed but yet, at times you come with so many distraction, obstacles and hurdles that requires extreme effort.
Even though your Creator ranked you as a supplemantary deed, you were indeed the highlight of the month. You were not prescribed upon men but performing you is an act of distinction.
Your very nature creates disagreement between men but you know yourself that those who calculate you in would not benefit them at all.
Sometimes when we are together in your Creator's house, men seems to want to share with the rest what he had enjoyed by releasing digested odor that happily fills our nostril.
You adorn yourself with the words of Your creator and praises to Him. You fill the gap between yourselves with Salam to the final Messenger SAW.
But now you bid us farewell as you go rest for a whole year.
For as long as the Hour has not arrived, your punctual attendance is confirmed.
Those who regard you as an acquaintance will not miss you too much.
Those who are in love with you will enjoy you when you are here and be worried if they would be able to meet you again next year.
Indeed, you, are a sign of Mercy from the Lord of the Universe.
You have touched so many lives and you have witnessed the Night of Power led by the most beloved Angel.
May you be a witness to us on the Day when everything will be revealed.
May you stand by us as how we stood performing you.
May you lift us up as how we raised over and over again performing you.
May you testify for us as how we testified your existence.
May you be a reason for our victory on the Day where we are at the Mercy of the Most Merciful.
May you cloak us as how we forbid all that is allowed to us to fulfill your existence from the time we raise our hands and say "God is the Greatest" till we bid "Salam" to the recording Angels who misses nothing except when the Most Forgiving instructs them to ignore our sins because He has forgiven us.
May you make us be better after you have trained us to perform you.
May the One who has in control of all souls grant us the privillege to meet you again.
May you remember us as how we will be missing you.
All praises and Glory be to the Most Merciful for having created you.
O Terawih, the heart saddens as the final "Salam" is uttered as a goodbye to you.
The eyes leak knowing that we had not siezed the opportunity to enjoy you as how you are worthy of being performed.
Certainty dictates that you leave us but uncertainty taints if we would ever meet again.
O Allah, forgive us if we have failed to embrace this creature of yours as how we should have.
Verily, You, O Allah, are most Forgiving and You love to forgive so forgive us.
And forgive our parents, our household, our teachers, our fellow Muslims and Mu'mins.
And note our bid of Peace and Salam to Your Messenger SAW.
Blog adjourned.

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