Saturday, March 16, 2013

Think Too Much

I think I think too much.

And I think this is the main reason why I didn't quite enjoy private legal practice.

You see, in a private legal practice, you are required by your client to absorb their legal liabilities. Clients can be really demanding as well... and stingy. Hehe. But that's besides the point.

Coming back to my point of absorbing liabilities. Banks for example, prior to the diabursement of the loan or finance, would require a legal firm to give an undertaking that everything in relation to the loan or finance is in proper order and is valid and enforceable. This is a common practice in all banks in prior to drawdown if an external solicitor is engaged. It is the bank's way of minimising their risk by shifting the requirement to ensure the validity and enforceability to the legal firm.

The idea of shouldering this risk is what I did not enjoy because I think too much. And I would not stop thinking about many different angles of a particular matter to ensure that I have covered all angles. Its really tiring and exhausting. Before you sleep you suddenly remember whether your staff had filed your form34 on time or when the LHDN is going to give their valuation as the expiry date on the MOT is almost expiring... and you have not asked your client for the transfer fee because your client wants the exact figure.

So when I joined this new place, I honestly felt the heavy weight on my poor shoulders  lifted almost immediately. It was amazing how that invisible weight could really affect my character and personality.

I was sharing this with the Bride and she confirmed that I looked more cheerful and jovial the moment I left legal practice. Haha.

Be that as it may, u actually learn a lot in private practice if you have really good mentors. I learned a lot from my boss. But I am just not ready to shoulder client's heavy liabilities.

Probably because I think too much... yeah, that must be the case.

I think too much.

Blog adjourned.

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