Friday, October 24, 2008

The Horror Of Waiting

If you are given options, and you do not know how to decide, you should do istikharah prayers to ask for God to grant you His wisdom in making the right choice. I guess this general rule applies to general decision making and even judicial decision. Most people say that you will get a divine dream in your sleep that will help you decide.

I don’t know. I dream every night, if not most of the time I sleep. I get all types of genre. Some of them are funny, dramatic, sad, happy, fantasy, reality, soothsaying, etc. There was one time I dreamt looking at myself sleeping on the bed. I was standing beside myself admiring myself sleeping (yes, I am vain!). How do you interpret that to show that one choice is better than the other?

I think that after making istikharah prayers, you should then let your conscience decide the best decision amongst your options available after evaluating all the circumstances. After contemplating the options with your mind engaged to Him for His assistance, the right choice should slowly be clear. You will be able to feel it being the right choice.

I’ve "felt" that before. Then I married her. :)

Yesterday, I have been informed of some news. Someone asked me to make istikharah prayers. I disagreed. I think a Hajat prayer is more appropriate for my news. I have no say in making the decision. So I should instead beg to the Big One Up There to make sure that the person making the decision makes the right choice. The right choice for him and for myself.

Let’s just say the situation now is similar as to when I was interviewed to join the Judicial and Legal Service. I didn’t have any say in ensuring my employment. I could only pray (oh boy did I pray!!! Hahaha) and hope that if joining the Service is good for me, He would ensure it and if it is not going to be good for me, He should keep me far far away from it.

This way, if I did get the job (which I eventually got!), I know it’s good for me. If I didn’t get the job, I’d know it’s not good for me.

But not everything is laid on silver and gold plate. Life has its ups and downs. I’m not so focused right now. I don’t feel relaxed. That particular phone call has sent some shiver down my spine. The unseen can be terrifying. People are afraid of what they do not know. In the next couple of weeks, life may just be the way it is or I might have to reorganize myself all over again.

Oh the horror of waiting! Terseksa kalbu…..

Blog adjourned!

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