Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Naughty Little Boy

There was this nine year old kid who would steal from his neighbour around RM 100 a day. The neighbour got fed up and reported the matter to the boy’s mother. She didn’t what to do as the little boy would not listen to her so she went to the police. The police thought that before the mother makes a police report, to which the police will have to open and investigation paper and take criminal action against the boy, the boy should be “scared” (gertak) first. If that didn’t work, then a police report should be made.

The nine year old boy, his mom and the investigating officer was brought to one Magistrate Court in Malaysia. The boy was crying already. The door going to the lock up is adjacent to the door to the Magistrate’s chamber. There were some prisoner’s in the lock up. The Magistrate was informed of the plan and he agreed to it. The following conversation took place:

Police: Ni kena masuk jail ni… berapa lama nak simpan dia Tuan?

Magistrate: Hmm, RM 100 sehari? Kita pun tak makan banyak tu dalam sehari! Ni kes besar ni… kena masuk jail lama ni….

Boy: Tolong Tuan! Jangan masukkan saya dalam jail!!!

Prisoner: HMMMM… hantar dia masuk sini!! Bagi saya rogol dia!!!
(banduan tu pun boleh play along… itu yang tak tahan tuh!!!)


Police: Sebelum masuk jail, kena tembak kedua-dua kaki dulu.


Prisoner: Apa mintak maaf? Ingat cukup ke mintak maaf? Salam cium tangan!!!

The boy went and salam everyone’s hand, crying and begging for everyone to forgive and release him.

End of story.

This actually happened. But there was no further news about the boy. I hope he turns over a new leaf. Kesian! Gerenti trauma siut!!! I wonder how he would feel when he is 15 and realized that it was all a prank to make him a decent human being. Hahaha… mesti kelakar muka dia!!! Hahahaha

blog adjourned!

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