Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Facts About Prayers (Part III)

Fact 5: Synchronization
There are numerous hadith in Muslim which states that the Prophet mentioned that when we utter Amin after surah Alfatihah in a Jama’ah prayers and when the Imam says:" Allah listens to him who praises Him." you should say:" O Allah, our Lord for Thee is the praise” [Rabbana Walakal Hamd], for if what we say synchronizes with the angels in the heaven, our past sins will be forgiven.
How cool is that?

Fact 6: I’tidal
Narrated Rifa`a bin Rafi` Az-Zuraqi: One day we were praying behind the Prophet. When he raised his head from bowing, he said, "Sami`a l-lahu liman hamidah." A man behind him said, "Rabbana wa laka l-hamdu, hamdan kathiran taiyiban mubarakan fihi" (O our Lord! All the praises are for You, many good and blessed praises) or (Our Lord, and to You be all Praise, so much pure praise, inherently blessed). When the Prophet completed the prayer, he asked, "Who has said these words?" The man replied, "I." The Prophet said, "I saw over thirty angels competing to write it first." [Bukhari].
There is also this story which is weak in its authenticity but it’s good to know.
A learned man once told me that in the beginning, every action of the prayer, we say Allahu Akbar. We say Allahu Akbar when we start our prayer, when we make ruku’, I’tidal, sujud, etc.
However, one incident happened that changed the call for I’tidal (to stand after ruku’).
One morning, S. Abu Bakr was late for Subuh prayers at the Masjid. As he was rushing, he was stalled by an old lady walking in front of him. Not wanting to disrespect her, he did not overtake her. Just as they reached the junction to the Masjid, the lady continued walking. Apparently she was Jew and was only walking along the way.
As S. Abu Bakr rushed towards the saf, he realized that the Prophet was doing his ruku’. This means that if he joins, he would be able to get the raka’at. He was so happy that he could get the raka’at with the Prophet that he sincerely said, “Alhamdulillah”.
Little did he know that his Alhamdulillah was so sincere that Allah sent Jibril AS to inform the Prophet that when he gets up, he should not say Allahu Akbar but to say Sami Allahu Liman Hamidah (Allah listens to the one who praises Him).

Fact 7: The Many Recitations From Many Different Hadith
In school, we are taught the basic recitations of zikirs during Ruku’, I’tidal, to sit between the two Sujuds and the Sujud. If we are to remain with our Subhanallah Wa bihamdih x 3 for ruku’, we’d be done in less than a minute.But we should know that The Prophet SAW actually recites many different recitations for these actions. Lenthy ones as well. That is why, he can make EACH Ruku’, I’tidal, to sit between the two Sujuds and the Sujud for more than half an hour when he prays alone at night.
So take time to read more about the different recitations of the Prophet so that we can enjoy our prayer even more. I found this website which gives a pretty good choice of recitations. See

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