Friday, March 2, 2012

Of Random Presentations And Poetry

Last night a good friend of mine invited me to attend her firm’s sort of like a mini-lecture series. Its called 70 minutes as the forum should be within 70 minutes. There were a lot of students and young aspiring lawyers who attended which made me feel slightly old. Haha.

Anyway, two young ladies who were in their final year in UIA came to say hi. They recognized me because of this blog. LoL! What a small virtual world. Hello there you two! I did not manage to catch your names so if you are reading this, please drop by a comment and share with me your names okay? *wave*wave*

Last week I was invited to present at a Corporate Finance Law Conference which was held at Renaissance Hotel. Alhamdulillah that went well. Me and my colleague did a tag team presentation on Islamic Finance Structures in Investment. I covered the introduction and debt financing principles whilst my colleague touched on equity financing and the legal framework of Islamic Finance in Malaysia.

Next week, I would be presenting on the Legal Aspects of Islamic Finance in Malaysia at the Palace of Justice before about 14 students from Pennsylvania University students. They are here on a Global Research Seminar programme and would be visiting lots of Islamic finance industry players. INCEIF, the place where I did my CIFP, are hosting them and wanted to come to Skrine for the talk but I suggested that they instead approach the Judiciary and try to get approval to visit the Palace of Justice and see the auspicious building and watch the awesome corporate video on the Malaysian Judiciary. Thereafter, I can just join in to give a short presentation. Alhamdulillah, all went well and the visit is scheduled next week. The funny thing is that, on the next day, my dad would be delivering a talk to them at INCIEF. Thank God I got to speak first or else after hearing my dad’s presentation, the standard would have been too high for me to reach.

Insha Allah, next week my whole family would be doing our Umrah. Please make dua for the safety of our journey. In case if you have any dua that you would like me to make for you whilst I’m there, please email me your name and the specific dua that you want. Insha Allah I will be bringing a small notebook filled with all of your dua’s and make sure that I don’t miss any J

That’s all for now. I will end this post with a poem, which I found in one of Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s blog post. It is about loving Allah and disobeying Him. Click here for his blog. If you have the time, please youtube Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. I have never met him personally but I have heard his lectures in cd’s and also online. Masha Allah. Brilliant and extremely wise and knowledgeable. S.U.P.E.R.B.!!!

You claim to love God, and yet you disobey God;
This is a bizarre way of reasoning;
Surely, the lover, if his love is true;
Is most obedient to the one he loves.

I know, I know, it has nothing to do with this post but I just love the message of this poem. Just for lines and its like the poet had just smacked your face to wake up and buck up.

God knows best.
Blog adjourned.

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shueyshoelove said...

dude, i just got back from umrah. Ati's going to umrah next week too. please pray that i'll get pregnant and have zuriat sempurna akal serta fizikal and who will be soleh and solehah. envy please! i miss being there! thanks adam!

two_one said...

Noted. :)
Please pray for our safe journey and strength to do umrah when we have so many kids to take care of at the same time :)

JelmaKsatria said...

Wave Wave Sir! Hope everything went well during your umrah! :)