Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Ummi and Mommy's Day!!!

Happy Ummi, Mama And Mommy's Day! From Alisha, Dot2 and Daddy. I got the Bride a Russel Peter's ticket as her Mother's Day gift. It was one of the funniest gift I have ever given to her. We nearly fell off our chair laughing at one of the funniest Indian man. The Bride nampak macam sampai keluar air mata gelak. Last week it was her Birthday. Manage to get her a nice handbag and a brand new Ipad2 (which Alisha dah dengan selamber claim ownership). Oh well Mommy, at least you get your phone back again hehe. this is my first post using the ipad. Still new and kekok. Hik hik hik, did your read carefully who's name was in between Alisha and I? Yup, you read it right...Dot2... We just found out that Alisha nak dapat adik... But somehow, for this Dot2, the Bride didnt feel the urge to share the news. I have been waiting for her to write something about it but i don't think its coming anytime soon so I'm just gonna share it here hehe. We found out about Dot2 after we came back from Umrah sometime in March. Dot2 actually was in existence when we did our 4 Umrahs. All praises be to Him who gives life from nothing. Alisha is excited too. Now she can be like her favourite cousin and idol, Kak Wa. So sometimes, she has started to refer to herself as Kak Icha. Her scool has been very supportive too. Their starting to teach the kids about the coolness of being an elder sister or brother. An awesome step to some mental preperation. The Bride has started a new business. Its called BabyHoots. Its the best place for you to get a baby basket for your friends or relatives. I tell you, life has never been so easy for me ever since she started this project. The moment someone I know pops a baby, all i need is a simple email or whatsapp to my friends, collect some contribution (an ideal gift would be around 150-300 and the Bride would get the stuff ready within the same day. Delivery is not an issue as i personally know where she stays :) Jokes aside, its really an awesome service to mankind. Haha. You can get Guess shoes, Next clothes, Carter's rompers, Timberland bips, baju sup bonjot (it the kind of baby clothing with which is like a jubah but with some strings at the bottom that can be tied. The baby's legs would be free to move and its super easy to change diapers with that baju sup bonjot) and many other stuff. Go ahead and check out the online shop at . You can choose the stuff you want or just inform her of your budget and she will prepare the baby basket for you. Super cute and so senang. The stuff are quite cheap too. Go ahed and check it out. Wow, this blog has been idle for so long. So sorry about that. Am trying to cope with the workload at the my firm. So far Alhamdulillah semenjak balik Umrah, tak da time nak duduk chillex kat office. So much stuff to learn now that im doing full time corporate work. The areas of practice is so wide i feel like so loss. Hopefully i am able to grasp the transition soon. SUSAH WEI!!! Hahaha. But Alhamdulillah, i have a good team and awesome coleagues who do not give me a headache but are so super patient when I give them a headache. Serius kadang-kadang rasa macam, "amenda aku belajar kat law school kalau satu benda pun aku blurr". Hahaha. That's all for now. Will try to update more frequent Insha Allah. I have an amazing story to share about Prophet Adam AS. Stay tuned! Blog adjourned.

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Mahkamah Sesyen/Majistret JB said...

subhanallah, jumpa jugak tuan akhirnya..i lost my phone & ur number as well..blh tuan sms no tuan kat sy? 0127597151 - Azhar (court JB)