Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love Is Like Gravity.

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My previous post (via ipad) came out without any paragraphs! Like a seven year old essay. Adoyai. 

Anyway, I mentioned in my last two posts that I wanted to write something about Prophet Adam AS. Here it is:

My dad told me that my late maternal grandfather (his father in-law) (may Allah have mercy on him) told him that man will love his children more than he loves his own parents. The reason being that our personality trait all comes from Prophet Adam AS and Prophet Adam AS did not have parents to show his love upwards. He had children and he loved his children.

I googled this and found the same explained in a Torah website! The Rabbi (or I think it is) said:

The Shalo"h haKadosh explains that the nature is that fathers love sons and fathers love daughters. However, it is also nature that the parental love to their children is greater than the reciprocal love of children to their parents. Why is that? The Shalo"h haKadosh explains that every personality trait that exists in creation is inherited from Adam. However, Adam had no parents. Therefore, Adam never exhibited the emotion of loving his parents. He did, however, develop an emotional love for his children. Hence, this love transferred down to all his descendants -– even though they did have parents -– their love of children was greater than their love of parents. The Shalo"h haKadosh concludes by citing the whimsical quip that one father lovingly provides for 10 children but 10 children cannot support one father.

Kind of make you feel that love is like gravity. It flows down easily but you need a pump to make it go upwards. That pump is effort. Maybe this is also the reason why we are hugely rewarded when we please our parents especially when they are old and sensitive. 

So, have you been good to your parents lately?

Blog adjourned.

1 obiter dictum:

Rin said...

Kata mak saya, sebab itulah doa untuk ibu bapa itu berbunyi; Ya Allah ya Tuhanku kasihanilah kedua ibu bapaku sepertimana mereka mengasihiku sewaktu kecilku. Kerana yang mampu kasihkan ibu bapa kita hanyalah Allah. Anak-anak tak mampu kasihkan ibu bapa sama macam ibu bapa sayangkan anak-anak. Dah 2-3 bulan nak blog pasal ni tapi belum terinspirasi lagi. Hehe..