Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Long Silence

Ramadhan Mubarak All,
May Allah make it easy for you to fast, pray Terawih and read the Quran this Ramadhan. One Sheikh said, Ramadhan should not just be about fasting only. That's expected as its obligatory upon a Muslim the moment we said the two Shahadah. Ramadhan is about the night prayer and Quran. We must increase our prayer and reading the Quran during Ramadhan. So hopefully we could all live long enough to complete this Ramadhan and completely with great success Insha Allah :)
I am so sorry for the super long hiaitus. Couldn't help it. My new work has been taking away too much of my positive vibe as it kept on challenging me on new and fresh matters which required me to really research and read up. I never liked not knowing how to do my work and this pressured me to study even more. Not being on top of things really sucks and it just takes away my mood to blog.
Penat... But with God's willing, this super steep learning curve is going to be worthwhile.
I used to go back late while trying to 'finish my work'. By the time I get back home, the Bride would have already been asleep and although lil Chempedak would be awake, it is too late to play with her. So the Bride and I discussed and concluded that we would carpool everyday. This way, I would have to go back early and I get to spend more time with the Bride and Chempedak.
Since I know that I have to leave early, work productivity after lunch has increased as I have to complete some work before going back and if the work is going to take a long time, I'd put it aside for it to be done at home that night and complete other matters first. I guess when you know the time limit to finish work, you tend to organize your work better. So far its working for me Alhamdulillah.
And a colleague of mine just resigned. So naturally, I inherited his files. That occupied most of my time at the office.
But things are getting better now. It has almost been a year now that I'm at this Firm. With experiance increasing rapidly now, I'm more comfortable doing what I do now. But there's just so much more to learn.
A friend of mine from YMP told me yesterday the way to know if we made the right choice is if we end up being closer to Allah. I guess I can say that it seems to be the right choice for me as I have been praying even harder now for Allah to help/assist/guide me with my new work. So Alhamdulillah.
So that's the brief update about the long silence.
Will find more time to write more especially this Ramadhan insha Allah.
Blog adjourned.
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KbZb said...

"The way to know if we made the right choice is if we end up being closer to Allah" - :) Thanx for sharing! It really makes me feel positive on the choice i've made:)