Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear Dot 2

As I begin this message, you are 8 months plus in your Mommy’s tummy.
You would have been able to guess that considering the fact that your sister, Kakak Icha would be screaming her name and my name everyday. Kakak Icha, the first Dot, is also anticipating you with much excitement. She would watch her My Little Pony cartoons on the Ipad beside your Mommy and would offer you if you would want to watch it together, albeit you being in your Mommy’s super round belly. Oh, I’m Daddy by the way.  Don’t worry, we will introduce ourselves to you formally once you arrive.

The news of your arrival was really amazing. Apparently, your early journey coincided with our journey for our Umrah. By we, I meant all 17 of your Grandfather’s nucleus family including Kakak Ina, the super helper. (She’s gone back to Indonesia now hoping to get a pair of twins so that she can name them Safa and Marwa as she somehow fell in love with those two hills while performing her Sa’i. ) We actually did 4 Umrahs. For you, that must’ve been a reeeaallll journey eh? To travel internally while Mommy was travelling and performing Umrah and all the visiting and sighseeing at the same time. Alhamdulillah. A very determined boy you are!

Yes, you heard it correct. YOU’RE A BOY!!! How could we tell? Well my dear son, let’s just say that for the past 8 months, in ALL of the scans the doctor did to see you, be it in the black and white 2D or the yellowish 4D, you covered your face with your hands and… exposed your ehem confidently.
*this is the only clear sight of your face. Inipun side profile jer*

On your Mommy’s side, you are going to be the first boy in your Tok Pa and Wan’s house. On my side, your Habib calls you the Balance One. This is because Habib and Jidah now have 7 grandchildren, 4 girls and 3 boys thus you will bring equilibrium to their grandsons and granddaughter… for now that is.

Looking back at this blog, I realize that I have not been blogging much this year. My career shift had been much harder than I had expected it to be. But its getting better now. Oh, did you overheard me telling your Mommy that I would be doing my PhD in Islamic Finance next year? Haha. I’m sure you did but you just couldn’t understand a word that was being said. I know. I can’t even hear you Mommy screaming when I’m showering what more if I’m in a bubble of water bag.

Anyhow, Insha Allah we should be expecting you sometime next month. You are welcome to arrive earlier too. No pressure.

What’s that? You want to know if we have a name for you already? Haha. Well, we had a couple of names. But because you seem to be a December baby, most of your possible names have already been used by my friends and cousins. But don’t worry. We still have a couple more names ready for you. What’s the process? Well, Mommy would be the one looking and noting all of the names and doing a background research on the name as well. She will then present it to me for my screening process. I would do some desktop research, ask some Scholars/Sheikh for their view and make a shortlist. From that shortlist (a number of which have been struck off because it was used by others) I will then test it by calling you when you arrive to see if it suits you. Then I will get both of your grandparents blessings before finalizing your name. This way, both your Mommy and I get to pick your name. Your Mommy comes up with the list, and I choose which one to be used. Any of my decisions are your Mommy’s decision. Win-win situation J

Anyway, I better get back to my work now. Kakak Icha is fast asleep. She is very tired. She had her school’s graduation and concert today. She did ballet and pop ye ye dance. Soon, you would be joining the same school and be performing too hehe.

Till then, have fun growing!

Daddy Dot 2

Dot 2 Adjourned.

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arina said...

a lovely & heartwarming post written by a father :)