Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I introduce you to, Pitong and Kiss Kiss!!!


*Kiss Kiss*


Pitong and Kiss Kiss are the result of Rhino the beawesome hamster in Bolt. Rhino got me over excited and the ever supportive Bride agreed to help me get the right ones! I got bitten by one of the angry hamsters masa tengah pilih so my defensive mode kicked in. Nasib baik the Bride was brave and pandai to pujuk so that I tak change my mind and went on to pick two of the most gentle and beautiful ones for me.

The great black and white handsome creature is Pitong. He is named because of the way the Bride mimics the door bell / lift sound.

The adorable smoochy Kiss Kiss was picked by the Bride because she thought that name was just right for the little rodent and a complement to Pitong. Kiss Kiss bites occasionally. I think she thinks biting is her way of showing that she is living up to her name.

*This is their Crib courtesy of the Bride*

Em Koy Say!!!

Romeo, the handsome cat is also very much into hamsters apparently. He would be sitting with me just watching the little couple do their daily routines which includes a repetition of everything that they know. Sometimes I would place them in their magicball and let them go all over the house. Romeo loves this. I don't have to worry about their safety as Romeo would keep a very goof lookout on them. Don't believe me? Tengok bawah...

Hehehe... best... Ai Laik!

Read more about them here.
Blog adjourned...

2 obiter dictum:

Anonymous said...

Happy new Year! :D

Ein said...

sorry bout kiss kiss. for what it's worth, hamsters mmg fragile tummy dia. mine penah mati 6 ekor sekaligus, lepas mkn sayur/buah only!

and the one yg kene gigit teruk ngn cat, darah2 semua, survived the horrendous ordeal. weird!

don't give up rearing hamsters ;)