Thursday, January 15, 2009

Awet Muda

Two nights ago, I drove my mom to a nearby grocery store. She met her friend’s daughter at the entrance. As she was chatting with my mom, she noticed me beside my mom and asked me:

“Baru balik sekolah ker?”

Sekolah?? HAHAHA! Maybe at that time, I was wearing a plain white shirt with a Proton logo on the pocket and black slacks macam uniform private school kot. I smiled and shook my head. She then noticed the Proton logo and assumed that I was working at Proton and said:

“Oh, baru balik kerja?”

I just nodded in agreement.

Do I really look that young?

I am also facing a slight difficulty in meetings. If I make a serious look, people would say that I am arrogant. This is probably because my serious look is a bit like Zoolander.

Me looking serious

But if I just act normal and not make any artificial look, people say that I look childish and playful.

Me looking not so serious

Depa jeles kot??

Blog adjourned.
(Jangan-jangan orang nanti ingat I adik-beradik dengan my children hehehe...)
Rock giler!

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nurul cakapcakap said...

haha bagus la , xde la cpt tua,umo menigkat pn tp still nmpak muda. lagi2 kalau da jadi bapa nnt. anak dan bapa mcm adik bradik je nnt.