Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two_One By Any Other Name…

Desire, if not guarded, can certainly lead one astray. We need desire to perform. I need desire to go on. Actually, I love the desire that I have in me.

As of middle of November, I have been transferred out of Kuala Lumpur. I am no longer a serving Magistrate in Kuala Lumpur. I say that I am not a serving Magistrate because my name is still in the gazette as a Kuala Lumpur Magistrate but I have been relieved of the duties attached to it. In other words, I can still be transferred back to relieve some Magisterial duties, however, I doubt if I have the time to do that.

Now I can be regarded as a research officer based in HQ. Because I didn’t not what sort of research I would be doing, and upon the advice that I got, I decided to freeze my blog for a while. I was afraid it my new job and blogging might not gel nicely. Now that I know the nature of my work, I can fine tune my previous posts to suit the nature of my research work. Blogging should be safe now. This blog can be unblocked.

Apart from research, I also have to help some administrative stuff. I even got the opportunity to learn drafting, public relations, marketing, branding, bill of costs and many other matters that would and might be necessary in the future. Travelling is also in the diary every month not to forget meetings after meetings with the need to prepare minutes and to follow up the actions resolved. Looking at the paste of the new Chief Justice, minutes from a three hour meeting is expected to be ready in the next three hours.

If you ask me which is more interesting between the current post and being a Magistrate, I’d say that Magisterial skills can still be mastered in the future but this post is only offered once in a lifetime and I’m definitely enjoying it now!

Blog adjourned!

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