Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Constructive Criticism

Blogging comes with some level of responsibility. It is not as free as it is when you have a heart to heart session with your best friend (or spouse). I mention “as free” because even with your best friend (especially your spouse) you can discuss whatever issues but you must use the right words. You do not wish to hurt them (though it happens unintentionally all the time) merely for expressing your own personal and biased view.

But reading comments on blogs can sometime make me think if much thought have been given before one click that “publish comment” button. It makes you look like a fool if you comment on something you are ignorant about.

Is that comment accurate?
Is it appropriate?

Is it fair?

Oh what the hell, I’ll just hide under the universal “anonymous” nickname in order to blurt out my true feelings.”

Mind you, some of these comments are so dumb you would not expect someone who knows how to use a computer could think that low!

Anyhow, I recently came across a comment on why the Syariah Court is only punishing the few culprits who drank beer at some pub with a hefty fine and 6 strokes of light rattan. (The light rattan for Syariah offences is waaaaaay much easier on the butt than the typical rattan in prison!) The individual questioned why the Syariah Court did not punish those who take corruption and is a habitual adulterer instead.

On the face of it, it may look like a fair comment. But look at it closely. What I gather from the above comment is that it is the Court who should catch the culprit, investigate the crime, prosecute him and sentence the bugger in one go. How else would the Court be able to choose and decide what kind of crime it should hear? Now, is that fair?

Did the thought above ever cross the author’s mind when he made such comment?

I know it’s frustrating that the media highlights petty stuff and not the heavy stuff. But even if you are geram with the news published, don’t put the blame on the Courts straight away. I have sometimes written some stuff be it a pots or some comments when I was really angry but upon reading it back again when “my blood is no longer upstairs”, I thought it was just my ridiculous emotion at work. So please… think before you attack.
Especially if you bombard the Judiciary.
Because the Judiciary cannot reply to your comments as freely as you can!
Blog adjourned.

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