Thursday, April 9, 2009


Priority is a heavy word and it is always easier to notice if "others" are not laying it downright. Sometimes you can plan your priorities well enough not to be confused with the order from the first to the last on the list. Sometimes it requires pronto action with no time to even list it down.

This is when we always make some silly mistakes.

Priorities, if not balanced properly, can hurt feelings.

Priorities come with multiple responsibilities.

Priorities if not managed, will cause you much misery.

Priorities, most often than not, requires common sense.

Unless your senses are unique and uncommon, you might have some trouble with your priorities.

Now where did I leave my common sense?

Blog adjourned!

2 obiter dictum:

Twiggy said...

yes, and in whatever list of priorities you make, your wife always ALWAYS comes FIRST! :P

azmir zakaria (kanot) said...

SALAM TUAN! Kenal lagi ke ;) Wa.. dah terbang tinggi betul ek? Our last meeting was a long long ago (ye ke?)..u still a pkp. Then dah tak jumpa, but i heard u fly ke Magistrate, then fly lagi tinggi ke POJ. Alhamdulillah..congrats. Hope u enjoy ur work. May Allah bless and guide u all the way :)