Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Stealing Someone Else's Post Here... Because I Can!!!

When I read the Bride’s post here… I nearly cried. Nearly! But I didn’t. well, it would be too embarrassing if I did as I was reading it from my handphone right in front of the Bride.
It’s amazing how time flies.
The journey to fatherhood was simply awesome. From the night that I got back from a meeting at 3 am on some Saturday, waking the Bride only to ask her to pee on a stick and seeing two lines indicating that one of my lil swimmers made it… to waking up to a pair of small hands belonging to a cheeky smiling baby girl patting my head rigorously in anticipation to see my reaction in the wee hours of the night.
I can never do justice in trying to express the happiness and joy (well, sometimes ada la sikit geram and frustrated hehe) it is to have the Bride and little Alisha in my life.
I’m lost for words. I think it would just be better to "steal" the Bride’s words and share it with you all here.
Here goes nothing!

Happy "belated" Father's Day, Daddy Dam Dam!!

I planned to post this up on Father’s Day itself, but as time was not on my side, I could only publish this today. Here’s to you, love... *hugs*

Dear Alisha,

If you should some day stumble upon my blog, I’d just love for you to read what I am about to write.

This year, your Daddy celebrates Father’s Day for the very first time. You should see how excited he was over the fact that he gets to celebrates Father’s Day and is ever so proud that he is YOUR Daddy.

From the second you were born, you were his little princess. He held you close and cradled you like the precious little angel that you are. From that moment on, he’s been ever so involved in the process of raising you.

Not only is your Daddy around during the fun and games...

He even helps to bathe you...

Dress you...

Change your diapers...

Do your manicures...

Rock you to sleep...

And take care of you when I have to work :)

Trust me, there’s not a lot of Daddies out there who would sacrifice their clean air to change dirty diapers as much as your Daddy does *grin*

On top of that, he takes care of me too! The Mommy, who’s actually supposed to do the bulk of things but your your Daddy happily shares the job of raising you, our little Chempedak :)

All this, he does without a single complaint. Ever. He does it all with so much love for you that it amazes me the amount of patience he has for his little bundle of joy.

So, here’s wishing your Daddy a very Happy Father’s Day. You wife loves you very much, you know?

And so does your baby :)

Thank you love. I’m sure you would know by now that I love you very much. 
Blog adjourned...

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patunghujan a.k.a cik teruterubozu said...

wow tuan
very sweet post
i like this post very much
send my regards to ur wife

two_one said...

Patunghujan: time kaceh time kaceh... :)

ARADIA said...

Adam, this is really the sweetest! You have indeed come a long way from that irritating bloke in matrics that I used to know :p SYABAS!!

Btw, WTH does siti aliza "jalan berlaga" means?? that sounds SO wrong in SO many different ways! Oooooh wait a minute! were u trying to translate "Walking Contradiction"?? Mate, if you had done chambering and did several hundred translation in a week, you would definitely come up with something better! ;)

Nway, happy belated father's day to you Syed Adam Alhabshi!

two_one said...

aradia: hehe... Tq tq... Me? Annoying?? Oh well... Birds of a feather, flock in Law 20 my dear... Hehe.
Ey.. Jgn ingat orang yang tak buat chambering tak reti pasal buat translation ok. Experiance kat Service sama mencabar tau.. macam translate Immigration Act to Malay... (plus with better pay :) hehe ) Saje je translate camtuh... Banyak meaning la lagi best... Makes the mind go wilder... Hehe...