Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Tree Shrew’s Bananas

Here is the story.
Around my house, there are some banana trees. Every once in a while, the super duper helper would harvest the bananas and put it at the kitchen door exit. She would then take her time to make lepat pisang (mashed bananas??? I’m not too sure what it is in English), kerepek pisang (banana biscuits??? Boy, I’m having trouble translating the kind of stuff you make with bananas tonight! It must be because I have to sit for an exam in nine hours time! Haha) and some other stuff that you can make from bananas.
Apparently, from the day she brought in the bananas, there is one tree shrew that would visit the kitchen and take a banana as its meal. 
From what I was told, the tree shrew would drop by, take a banana and happily go and enjoy its fruit of labour elsewhere. It will come again for some more as and when it was hungry.
The super duper helper managed to utilize all of the bananas within 3-4 days. So that means the tree shrew was able to enjoy the bananas for three to four days.
On the fifth day, there were no more bananas for the tree shrew in the kitchen.
I am assuming the tree shrew must’ve got into the kitchen and went around looking for bananas and failed to find any.
Disgruntled, the tree shrew left the kitchen.
On the way out, the tree shrew pooped in the middle of the kitchen exit.
*well, it wasn't this much though*
You might think that it was a cute way to say thanks for the bananas. I really enjoyed it. My tummy feels so much better now. Here’s some proof that the bananas helped my digestive system… urgghhh… there you go! Thanks again!!
But I don’t think so.
You want to know why? Because it went to my helper’s room and pooped there as well. Hahaha!
I think it was a way to say, “Hello Ms. Super duper helper! You didn’t have to finish up all of the bananas in four days you know. You could’ve left some for me. I was really enjoying the bananas! I saw you mashing my bananas to make all those junk stuff! EWWWW OK! Is that how you humans eat??? Bluekh! Since you are responsible for finishing all my bananas, you can clean my poop!!! urgghhh!!
Ha! Take that!”
And then it quickly skipped to the super duper helper’s room and said,
“urgghhh! Ha take that as well!!!”
I can just imagine the angry tree shrew pooping its revenge all over the house because of some missing bananas!
Oh well tree shrew, I’m sure there are other stuff to eat around the house right?
You take care now.
Blog adjourned.

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shueyshoelove said...

hahaha. cute! shrew pun ada feelings!

Quiyah said...


two_one said...

Shuey: tu la pasal kan! haha
Q: that's what i thought when i saw the poop too! haha