Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I have my Managing Islamic Financial Institutions paper tomorrow. It is an interesting subject on leadership except that I find it so challenging to memorise the structured form of something very subjective. It is like trying to make a snowman from gas. 
The lecturer's slides are very interesting. He likes to put in quotes, proverbs and would usually end his lecture with a story. A lot of lecturers like to end their class with interesting stories. Most of the time, the class would be interested with the stories more than the lecture itself.
As I was revising the slides on Corporate governance, I found the quotation on the first slide very interesting.
When you keep saying you are busy,
Then you are never free.
When you keep saying you have no time,
Then you will never have time.
When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow,
Then your tomorrow will never come.
(I would have included this line Tomorrow is the end of today! if I had came up with the above poem myself. 
Speaking of exams, I bought a couple of blue PaperMate Kilometrico pens for my exams earlier this year. I tagged one particular pen and wanted to use that single pen for all of my CIFP exams. I managed to use it for 10 papers. Just now, whilst attempting one of my Takaful and Actuarial Practices paper, it ran out of ink.  Yes! Accomplishment!
Good job boy!
Anyway, better get back to my slides now.
Blog adjourned.

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Raihana said...

i saw u jst now ! good luck bro ! D.O.N.E exam oready :)

two_one said...

Lerr! awat tak tegur??? I tak cam u because ur profile tak kasi tengok gambar before add. I dah add baru i sedar. haha. :)