Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Role Of Money In Islamic Banking And Finance (2010) 1 CLJ (Sya) liii

All praises belong to Him and to Him alone I worship and will forever be in gratitude.
I once posted an excerpt from my assignment here. Actually, after the exams, I amended the bits and pieces of the article and sent it to Common Law Journal for publication. Alhamdulillah, they reviewed it and agreed to publish it in their Common Law Journal (Syariah Reports) in the July –September 2010 issue.
 *My complimentary copy of the Journal*
*The Role Of Money In Islamic Banking And Finance (2010) 1 CLJ (Sya) liii.*
Jzk particularly to the Bride for her endless support and ideas; my dad for being who he is, sharing his thoughts and ideas, proof reading the drafts, commenting, correcting my English and my atrocious grammatical error; my Shariah Rules In Financial Transaction lecturer - Prof Zainal Azam for giving the assignment in the first place and duiding me with the proper scope and perspective; Y. Bhg. Dato' Syed Ahmad Idid (former High Court Judge and former KLRCA Director and Muhammad Yusuf bin Tajul Azwa for helping me proof read my drafts and for your comments. I couldn't have done it without all of your help!
Your names were submitted in my final draft to CLJ tapi depa tak publish la pulak paragraph tu! 
So sorry!
Jzk also to all the well wishes from those who have read it and for your comments on Facebook.
My sincerest hope that this article could give the elementary scope of money from the Islamic perspective and could help develop Islamic Finance in any way that He deems it fit iA. Well, that was the intention when I started the assignment and actions are judged by the intention right?? :)
I don’t know how to put the article here in this blog as it is quite long. But if you would want to read it, just leave me your email address and iA I’ll email it to you.  You can also email me at Feel free to comment on it if you have read it.
I have some other topics to write about as well but that will be my personal mission after my exams iA. I also have to begin drafting the Young Muslims Project’s constitution. I resume back in service on 3rd January 2011 iA.
Wow! I seem to have my plates full for the next couple of weeks. Bila nak rest ni? 
Not now certainly. I have three more papers to go. Back to slides now.
Wish me luck!
Blog adjourned.
(P/s: “iA” is the short form for “Insha Allah”. “Jzk” is the short form for “Jazakumullahu Khair” which means may Allah reward you with much goodness. Jzk is encouraged to be used when you want to thank someone. Instead of saying the normal “thank you”, we should say Jazakumullahu Khair as it is a form of du’a or a prayer that Allah reward the other person for his or her goodness to you. Isn’t Islamic akhlaq so beautiful?)

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Salam Adam.Can I read the article please? My email (Kakak Salwa)

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K. dah email dah. :)

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Its a very small article and please update your blog.

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As to the frequency of my updates, currently only Allah knows when. So i will have to reject your plea. :)

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