Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Finals Observation Of The Tiger Cubs

 *With Dayak and his dad to watch the game*
*Both teams singing their national anthem*
Well, the Finals here refer to the Suzuki AFF Finals between Malaysia and Indonesia. It was played last night and Malaysia managed to win 3-0 over Indonesia. Some news about the match here.
They call themselves Harimau Muda as most of them played in the youth team. Some bloggers call them Tiger Cubs. Cute. But last night, they played like real Tigers! 
Last night, they were Harimau Malaya!
I wrote this piece of Malay poem but somehow it did not get posted on Facebook. So I’ll rewrite it here:
Seranglah dengan semangat Harimau Malaya,
Tetapkanlah Jalur Gemilang di dada kirimu,
Pertahankanlah Tanah Tumpahnya Darahmu ini,
Berjuanglah ke titisan peluh yang terakhir,
Gegarkanlah medan pertempuran,
Dengan laungan kemeriahan kemenangan!
-Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara-
I had the opportunity to go and witness the magnificent match and goals at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. Here are 10 of my personal observations of the finals.
1. When you are cramped up like sardines in a public transport on the way to and from the Stadium, with thousands of supporters and all sorts of smell, and especially if you have two guys beside you who are stuck and facing each other, ANYTHING that they say would be funny.
"Kau jangan cium aku ok?"
"Aku nak terkencing.”Jangan la kencing sekarang, aku pun basah skali nanti!” Kau rasa panas tak? hehehe"
“Amenda keras tu? hehe hehe...”
“Aku rasa ada orang tengah raba aku la” 
(Actually, at that time, I was checking my wallet and handphone in my pocket and in that process, I may have accidentally touched one of the dude’s butt... )

 *What we had to endure*

*Bertahan demi Malaysia!*
2. When a team is leading by 2 goals, they suddenly become brilliant and you can see their confidence oozes out of their nose as they begin to play magnificent football. Just like Malaysia. Excellent football! Bangga gila aku dengan Tiger Cubs ni!
Cheering in a stadium is extremely fun and stress reliever!
 Especially when your team is winning!
3. Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku is a very strong statement. Especially so if it is printed on your Malaysian football jersey at the back of your flag on your left breast. 
Semangat siut!!!
4. It is so much fun to watch your team score a goal from zero opportunity. It is even more entertaining when you get to see people from above using the bubble gun and blowing bubbles all over the stadium. Comel dan kelakar ok! haha.
5. The Cubs are now all grownups. They don’t fall easily, very steady, disciplined and strong! Gone are the days when Malaysian footballers could last only 30 minutes of a game and were too tired to play thereafter. Gone were the days when a slight push and Malaysian players roll and roll and roll until the dressing room. This is the era of some seriously tough Young Tigers! (or cubs... Cubs can be strong too right?)
6. A small group of idiots with no blood common sense exist especially amongst the Malaysian supporters who threw firecrackers, lit red flare and used laser beam to blind the enemy. Stupid! You could have costs us the whole game. Should the referee decides to cancel the game, by default, we automatically lose 3-0. You want that to happen? 
Stupid Stupid Stupid!
7. Those with red flares light them up in stadiums and have no idea what to do with it. Some just stand there with red light from his hand. Some start to do a rave party. Some suggested that he threw the flare to the front. The person who suggested such shit is a bloody shithead and deserves to have the flare stuck into his nose to fry his brain.
8. To smuggle a small bottle of mineral water (for wudhu’ or to go to the bathroom or drink) is soo easy when you have the Jalur Gemilang to wrap around it. 
9. Food everywhere outside the stadium but be careful! I got diarrhoea this morning. Alhamdulillah once the bad food is flushed out, I was fine already.
10. I think Malaysia can score a few more in Indonesia and win the Finals!
*Beautiful Indonesean girls making the boys go crazzy...*
 Blog adjourned.

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Quiyah said...

we had the best time watching the match at home, eventhugh we passed by the stadium during the afternoon, we manage to escape the traffic jam, and decided to forgo the idea of watching it LIVE. but by looking at your pictures, we are glad that we watched it at home.