Monday, December 27, 2010

Viva Palestina Malaysia: Flashmob: KL Central 26 December 2010

Re-enacting the scenes in Gaza. 

It was the day the The Dark Forces captured KL Central.

Two 'Palestinians' were captured, while others tried to help.

None could get in the way of the deterred and evil forces of the dark side.

In the midst of the action, a terrifying shout to everyone to freeze was heard. 
Everyone froze for a minute. 
Then they were allowed to move in slow motion for half a minute.
Again, they were ordered to freeze for another minute.
Each actor had his / her role.
Each participant had a message.
The message of tyranny vs. oppression.
In reality, this is just a fraction of such cruelty.
In reality, innocent Palestinians are killed not only at train stations but in their own houses, land and country.
The shoutings and screaming in the video what they do after hearing and feeling real horrifying sound of guns and bombs that kills.
Watch the inter"ARREST"ing video here.
More pictures at my Facebook.
Could you feel it?
They face it everyday.
Could you see it?
They live with it everyday.
Not just for a minute. Not in Slow Motion.
But for a Lifetime. A lifetime of pain and suffering.
May Allah be merciful upon them.
One Thousand Four Hundred Dead and the statistic will continue to increase. 
Gaza We Will Not Forget.
Blog adjourned.

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