Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peng Peng Part 1

Last two weeks was JALSOA’s Shooting Competition 2011. I registered my name the moment I was informed about it. I have always wanted to shoot a real gun but somehow that dream never did come through. Joining this competition would make me feel a little closer to be like James Bond.
*Boleh menang ke Two_One James Bond ni?*
(On a side note..., I made a new black suit with maroon lining. James Bond perasan mode back on. A friend asked where’s my bond girl? I told him I married her. Haha)
Back to Peng Peng, lucky for the KL Court officers, my Deputy Registrar (who is a shooter herself) managed to secure a three day shooting training sessions for us. It was the most awesome experience ever. Shooting a 9mm Glock gun can really release all of your stress and anger away. The sound of the gun as you pull the trigger is just... OWWWWSSSSEEEEEEMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!
First you stand comfortably, look at the target, aim...
*James Bond with two boobs on his forehead*
*First time holding a Glock 9mm... Fuh... Feeeeeel giler...*
In order to aim... you must see that the two dots at the back of the gun is in the same line as the single dot at the tip of the gun.
and then (as what the police’s instructions) we have to “ramas” the trigger... “ramas slow-slow” ...
Rasa power gila! Especially when you manage to shoot the target!
Exhilarating sampai boleh pengsan!
Just one or two bulls eye but in general, all my bullets were grouped in the same place. The funny thing about me is that I shoot with my right hand but I aim with my left eye (which means I close my right eye). I think it is because the power on my right eye is more so i feel very strained when aiming with my right eye. The proper technique is to aim with your right eye if you shoot with your right hand. Then in putting bullets in the bullet magazine, you are supposed to hold the magazine with your left hand and push in the bullets in with your right hand. I do it the other way round. Pelik... tapi benar... Our instructors thought it was weird but since I managed to get the most consistent results in training, they didn’t think that the left eye and terbalik tangan was of any issue.
*Three of my best practice shots*
The ‘Pengasuh’ (Nanny in English LoL! They are the police in charge for each shooter) said that I have the right technique and should bring back some medals. 
We’ll see.
Thank you so much Allah for letting me get the feel of firing a fire arm...
Ok, dah eksaited sangat dah sampai dah tak tau ape nak cerita.... hahaha.
Sambung kemudian :)
Blog adjourned.

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