Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Facts About Prayers (Part VI)

Fact 9: The Three Recitation in Ruku’ and Sujud
I learned in my sprirtual class that there is a hadith reported by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet mentioned if you read Subhana Rabbial Azimi (in ruku’) and Subhana Rabbial A’la (in sujud) once, one-third of your body is forbidden to enter Jahannam.
Therefore, reciting it three times would free your whole body from entering Jahannam.
So do not rush in "employing" these magnificent bodyguards the next time you pray. 
Read it slowly and take your time to do so. Discover its meaning and also pray and hope that it will be our shield from entering Jahannam. 
In this era, we will certainly need all the firewall and anti Jahannam software / hardware we can get!

Fact 10: Wiping The Face After Prayer
Technically, our prayer ends when we give the final salam in our prayer after reading the Tahiyyat recitation. That Salam is meant to symbolize that we have ended our Ihram and are now allowed to do the things that are forbidden in prayers when we take our Takbiiratul Ihram.
Most of the Malaysian would then wipe their face. I thought about this and I asked a learned man about it.
He told me that it is the Sunnah that the Prophet used to wipe his face after giving salam to wipe away the dust and sand on his forehead.
Although we now would pray on a prayer mat and not on the floor where not much dust would be on our forehead after our prayers, it is still good to adopt the Sunnah to wipe our face just as how the Prophet did.

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Anonymous said...

I love to read all the random facts about prayers. Just wondering where this "spiritual class" is and who is this "learned man" since all the facts were interesting to remember :)

two_one said...

Masha Allah, i missed this comment. The spiritual teacher is YM Al A'llamah Al Habib Omar Al Shatrie - hafizahullah. His class is called Rohah. Apologies for the super delayed reply huhu