Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leaving The Service...

Alhamdulillah… I managed to post about 11 Random Facts on Prayers in Ramadhan :) I hope it has benefitted you as much (or even more!) than it has benefitted me. If you have any other interesting facts, please share it with me.
I have been “jobless” the past 2 weeks. I have resigned from the Service to start a new career path in the corporate side. So far, two individuals have been extremely kind enough to me and gave me duit raya. Hehe. Yup! After pestering almost everyone that I met, I managed to squeeze two individuals to give me ang pow for this raya. May God grant them more wealth Insha Allah :)
I wanted to write something about the Service but the words don’t seem to want to flow just yet… So many things have happened the last four years. I have enjoyed all of the ups and downs, all the suspense and thrilling experience… Near death incidences (chewah… dramatic habis la kononnye tu) … and much more… Banyak benda to tulis that my mind gets bogged down just thinking about it.
So I’ll just spare my head the trouble and write on the present stuff.
One Court of Appeal Judge reminded me last week that:
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.
I will be starting my new job tomorrow!
New job, new career, and being from the Public Sector, I seriously have no clue what to expect tomorrow. Just as the judge said, tomorrow is a mystery.
Gabra, Nervous, Excited, Happy, waaa… when you have too many emotions, your heart gets soo confused and the result:
Sleep deprivation.
Seriously tak boleh tido… huhu…
Bukan macam Chempedak ni…
*Si Chempedak sometime early 2010*
Anyhow, I better go and try to get some rest less I’d be going to work looking shaggy with eye bags.
Kerja Baru wooorrr…
Hmm… I still remember what my former boss advised me when I informed him that I’d be joining the Service to further develop my career. He told me that the Service will open various routes to knowledge. If I have the proper attitude, I would be able to identify the routes and tap on the necessary knowledge. I think this is also applicable here at my new place.
The key is to have the right attitude.
I sincerely hope that I bring the right key tomorrow…
Blog adjourned.
(Wow! I can’t believe that this is finally happening!!! Waaaa Takutnyeeeeeee!!!!!)

2 obiter dictum:

Rin said...

Fresh Angel. itu tajuk entri baru

'meninggalkan situasi baru untuk bertemu cabaran baru..' lebih kurang macam tu katanya.

two_one said...

yup. fresh angle. semua fresh. saya pun macam freshie hehe.