Thursday, September 22, 2011

The New Place

2nd week at my new office. Works seems to trickle in but not up to the speed I had earlier imagined it to be. The Bride told me to chillex, but being in a new environment surrounded by new friends, it’s not that easy. But Alhamdulillah... so far so good.
I don’t have to be in the office as early as in the previous office. This allows me to take a short nap after Fajr and then wake up again with the little Chempedak. It’s nice to be able to kiss two smiling smelly faces every morning. I now would have an alert Bride to help me pick a matching tie for the day. The Chempedak seems to have noticed this. One morning, as I was picking a tie whilst the Bride was in the bathroom, Chempedak, standing on a chair said:
Daddy, no... tak tek (tak cantek)...
My jaws dropped.
I picked another tie, she smiled and said:
Daddy, tek...
Hahaha. She seems to have acquired the Bride’s specialty in fashion. Upon checking with the Bride, she confirmed the tie that Chempedak picked was good to go.
The day before that, as I was picking her up to send her to school (oh yes, now when the Bride needs to do work out of her office, I can easily send Chempedak to school) she hugged me and said, enchem...(handsome)...
Cair wei!!! Kena puji dengan anak sendiri!!!
Although the Bride and I are not entirely sure as to her standard of tek, enchem and pretty but who cares right???
Anyhow, the working hours here are about the same time when I was with the Retired Biggest Boss back in 2008-2009. So I’m quite used to that as well.
So far, the new place seems to be pretty relaxed. I’m learning the policies as I go by hoping that I would be aware of it before I make a blunder. This makes me calculate all the risk that could come to mind before I do something. Most of the time I miss out the important ones only to realise it after making the action. I hate it when that happens.
Not too much stuff on my table just yet. So far so good. My new colleagues have been very warm to welcome me. Everyone is polite and friendly. Unlike at one meeting place sometime ago when this man suddenly showed up in front of me and asked the lady beside me, “Ni sapa ni?”. Selamber je mamat rockers ni tanya camtu. The lady smiled and replied: Don’t be so rude. He is from such and such a place. The man replied: Oh, I thought he was someone new in our company.
Wow. Is this the way you welcome someone new to your company? Damn scary wei....
On another matter, I was talking to an ‘old’ friend a few days ago. He claims he is one of those who were sidelined in his career development at his office. He congratulated me on my so called ‘daring’ move (I sincerely hope it will never be a bald one!). He said:
I have yet to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for me.
That’s good. Sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel is actually an oncoming train.
I’m glad that that reply really cheered him up.
Blog adjourned.

5 obiter dictum:

Rin said...

"Sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel is actually an incoming train."


amicus curiae said...

tu lagu metallica tu. no leaf clover. kan?

two_one said...

AC: Tak tau pulak. I know i heard it from my former boss masa i 1st start kerja. tak tau pulak dia dengar Metallica. wow. gila rock kalau dia dengar Metallica... hahaha!

Quiyah said...

salam two_one,
congrats on ur landing ur job at the new place.
its been a while ive visited ur blog.
btw, understand that the bride have privatised her blog, wouldit be possible if i have her email pls?
im now pregnant and i somehow remembered that she did a post on the recipe on how to increase the milk supply, so im thinking of getting the recipe from her for when i have the baby.
btw, my email is
Thanks very much.
Give my hugs and kiss to little chempedak.. btw where's her latest pictures?
rambut mesti sudah panjang.. hehe..

two_one said...

Q: ive told her to reply to you :)
Tq for your warm wishes.
hehehe, chempedak maintain rambut pendek :)