Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Wierd Dream

I had a wierd dream last night. 
I was in an old Malay village. I was looking around and trying to figure out where I was. So I started walking. 
As I was walking around, suddenly my head and face banged into an invicible force field. The kind of invicible magic force shield like in the Star Wars movie. 
*Invincible Force Shield*
It was like Bang! Bang! And I stepped back a few steps.  
I looked around and saw nothing. Waved my hands in front of me to see if I could feel the magic force shield but felt nothing. 
Then Bang! Bang!! 
I shooked my head. 
This time, I heard a voice booming over me. 
Ehh Deee... Nuck nok...
I was confused. I couldn't understand what that voice was telling me. 
Then Bang! Bang!!
And the voice became clearer. So clear that I understood it. 
Daddy! Nak Milk!
I opened my eyes and saw the lil Chempedak swinging her tiny hand slapping my face. 
Spank! Spank! Spank!
Then I heard the Bride's voice. 
Sayang, can you help make her milk?
I was like, "Uh Huh! Okay"
I sat down and rub my face. 3.28am... 
It's too early in the morning to teach the little girl on manners like waking people gently, please and thank you. I guess as a father to a two year old, I've learned to choose my battles with her. And I know that this is a battle I'd most definitely lose coz we're both to sleepy to argue. 
I guess I would never know more about that village and what was stored for me in that dream.  
Blog adjourned. 

1 obiter dictum:

TwiggyLiyana said...

Lol, sorry Daddy, she wanted you to make her milk, not me *shrugs*