Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Handshake

Some say it is our brain playing back what happened during the day but through some artistic way that our mind perceives it to be. Considering that we are not saints thus I am sure most of our dreams are not divinely inspired as how the Prophets had them.
I dream a lot. In fact, I dream every night. Sometimes, I remember and most of the other time I forget. And even if I remember a dream so very clearly, as much as I want to remember it for life, it often fades away from my memory after about 3-4 hours after waking up.
Anyhow, last night, I had this dream. I dreamt that I was somewhere and I saw a partner at my firm.
He held out his hand.And I held out mine to grab his hand to give him a handshake.
I remember seeing his hand.
And I also remember grabbing it and giving it a good shake.
The manly macho handshake.
But although he had a normal hand with five fingers and all, our handshake didn’t feel right. It actually felt really awkward.
Then I opened my eyes.
I saw my hand grabbing the Bride’s face.
I was like, “Eh?
Then I realised I was dreaming.
I giggled to myself, rolled over to the other side and went back to sleep.
The Bride told me she felt me grabbing her face and heard me laugh. When I told her about my dream, she laughed too.
At least”, I said, “I wasn’t dreaming of having another akad nikah right?” LoL!
*I don't think I was this gentle when i 'handshaked' the Bride's face hehe*
But this got me thinking. I guess when I say that a dream may be a form of way your mind replays the day’s incident? It also includes the stuff around you. To think that I knew where the Bride’s face to grab it in acting out my dream, it’s like knowing where to walk when you are sleep walking.
But the thing is, our eyes are closed!
Could this mean we could see without our eyes?
Hmmm...scary... but interesting...
I knew my cousin sleepwalked all the way from his room upstairs to the living room downstairs. This meant that he even went down the stairs while he was sleeping. And when everyone else woke up, they thought he ran away from the house but later found him sleeping in the living room. Haha. He’s a doctor now. I hope he doesn’t treat his patient while sleeping. Haha.
God knows best.
Blog adjourned.

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