Saturday, December 24, 2011

Working On A Saturday

Can you believe it?
I’m in the office today. On a Saturday, 24th December 2011, when most people are busy doing their last minute Christmas shopping.
Here I am sitting comfortably in front of my trustworthy laptop, not doing anything.
No, I was not thrown out of the house by the Bride. I’m on my Saturday office duty. It’s where the Firm gets one of its associates to come and sit at the office and wait if there are any urgent matters that come on a Saturday morning. I guess it would be more relevant back when the Government office operates half day on a Saturday. Thankfully, it’s only for half day (although I would probably miss the Bride’s bestfriend’s sister’s baby’s Aqiqah which would certainly be accompanied with some delicious meal) but it’s ok.
I had wanted to bring along my Nirvana- Come As You Are book but as I was rushing, I sort of left in my room. Deng! Would have been nice to finish that book today.
So yeah...
Here I am, in my chambers, thinking what the hell am I gonna do for the next few hours.
I guess I’ll have to go and finish up the article I’m drafting for my firm’s newsletter.
I have heroically declared to the Editor of SKRINE Legal Insights that I would be providing one Shariah article for its every publication. It is published on a quarterly basis. The next one would be this December 2011. I have already contributed one article there on Islamic Corporate Governance. Right now, I’m drafting something on Maqasid Shariah (The Objectives of the Shariah) and Islamic Wealth Management. It’s drafted in a simple way and it’s not technical or super philosophical so that readers would be able to read and relate instead of flipping the pages. Or so I hope so...
I’ll post it up when it’s published.
OK then, I have to get back to work.
 *Work is worship. Sleep is worship. Work is to sleep. Genius!*
Yeah right!
Blog adjourned.

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missy_a_n said...

LOLs have courage Adam. By the way is there something wrong with the formatting of your site? The margins are a little off...?

two_one said...

Fuh! I survived!!! Hahaha.
Margins off? Previous post ke? It could be when I was updating via bb ( Chewah! tapi tak reti pakai lagi. Hahaha)
Anyway, thanks for the heads up!