Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Perception is perspective. Perspective differs according to individuals. Combine it with personal experience; perception will likely be based on private history.

Take a civil court case for example. When a judge decides for the Plaintiff, not many Defendants would accept defeat and say that “oh boy, that was a good fight. The Judge didn’t agree with my version of the story. I lost fair and square. It’s time to move on.”

Instead, some parties, and I emphasize that these people do not represent the majority of litigants, would say that either the Judge is biased, corrupt, an idiot, not fair, etc. when they lose.

Judgment In Default of appearance by the Defendant is an automatic right of the Plaintiff ONLY if all the papers are in order. If you come without fulfilling the required needs, you won’t get no order in your favour!

If you have been tricked before, you would make sure that you don’t get tricked again on the same matter. If that trick is repeated by someone else, well, too bad for the other guy because not only you would make sure that his trick won’t work, you would also MAKE SURE he does not try to repeat again. Right?

When you up on the Bench however, no matter how ridiculous the attempt is made to deceive you, you must never loss control. Once words are out, there is no way of getting it back. Sarcasm is also very dangerous. That momentary satisfaction gained with such biting words will be outweighed by the price that you have to pay.

The mighty lion toys with the mouse that crosses his path. Any other reaction would mar his fearsome reputation!

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