Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Surprise Visit

I was informed that the Chief Justice (CJ) made some surprise visits to several Courts of late. It was a real shocker as none of the staff knew he was coming. Some didn’t even know he was the CJ. It may be because you don’t expect to see the CJ at the registry counter without first being informed of his visit.

The CJ apparently didn’t want those special preparations. He wanted to see the real condition of the Courts as what the public and lawyers perceives it to be. When he gets good review about any Court registry, he wants to know that that compliment was genuine and not just some sweet melody uttered for the pleasure of his ears only. If it is legitimate, credits will be the consequential effect. If it is not as what he was informed, improvement is inevitable.

Such surprise visits should not be taken as negative news. It was not meant to look for faults at one particular place. He just wants to see the organization he is leading. He wants to see if the public have any reason to be disgruntled with the service of by his subordinates.

The Malaysian Judiciary should now be in the limelight for the right and appropriate reasons. Reforming the Judiciary is not a one man show. Everyone who wants justice must be involved.

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