Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jack of All Trades, Masters In Islamic Finance

Hello people.
I am still alive. I just forgot that I had a blog.

Kidding. Tapi lama gila gua tak update. Tsk tsk tsk. Sungguh tak consistent.
Mana Ente punya Istiqmah? Kalau takda Istiqamah tak perlu datang belajar Agama” is what my spiritual teacher would tell me… Tsk tsk tsk.

Work is getting a little bit too heavy as I am now covering two posts at the same time. Penat sikit tapi seriusly interesting. Kerja best. I like.
It is confirmed!
I will be on my sabbatical leave beginning 11th January 2009. Having about 25days ++ of cuti for 2009 (luckily I can bring forward up to 60 days in a year and damn I’m also lucky to be getting so many cuti but no time to enjoy them!!!) and only about 2 weeks left to work, I will have to wait till the Big Boss returns to discuss whether I can be allowed to enjoy my cutis. I guess I was right
. I can’t wait to start.
The fact that I know that I will be venturing off (leaving this wonderful office which has given me a special insight to the many things and learning from a wonderful mentor / Boss, I would not be able to learn as much anywhere else!) gives me a sad feeling. Sedih. It is a huge decision to make. Either to stay where I am now and gain more exposure that no one could ever get unless they are attached to this office, or accept a scholarship to do my masters.

Now that I have made the decision, rasa tak sabar sampai dah ke tahap malas nak buat kerja and nak start belajar terus pun ada jugak. More so when I realise that I have only 25++ days left of cuti. "Only"... hehehe, mesti korang jeles sebab aku banyak cuti. Cuti best.

Dah lama aku tak buat keputusan yang besar macam ni dalam keadaan yang rilex. Dulu ada buat gak keputusan yang besar dalam keadaan rilex. Hasilnya amat lumayan. Kini kami digelar satu keluarga mini dengan adanya daddy, mommy and a baby girl.
Aku buat keputusan untuk kahwin dengan the Bride dalam keadaan rilex. Rilexnye aku sampai aku menyatakan hasrat aku pada bapa gilrfriend aku (as she was then) di restaurant Rasta yang lama dekat depan kedai mamak Jasima. Tapi bapa girlfriend (as she was then) lagi rilex. Dia jauh lagi cool dan rilex selepas mendengar hasrat hatiku. Ataupun dia tak dengar. Or maybe dia buat-buat tak dengar. Whatever it is, dia memang nampak rilex dan cool.
Aku rilex... tapi tak cool sangat.
Aku takut kena cepuk dengan dia sebab bengong sangat nak kahwin anak dia or nak menyampaikan hasrat hatiku dekat Rasta. Tapi aku tak takut(sangat). Sikit aje. Sebab Rasta ramai orang. Tendency untuk dia cepuk kepala aku kat Rasta lagi kurang pada dia cepuk kepala aku kat rumah dia sendiri.
Tak, aku tipu...
Aku takut gila. Takut gila kena reject dengan bakal bapa mertua aku. Namun aku tetap rilex. Coolness yillek. Takut macam gila. Tapi tetap rilex.
Hopefully decision this time hasilnya akan menjadi lumayan juga.

So, here goes everything.
Wish me luck.
Blog adjourned.

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Soraya said...

I can't help laughing when reading ur RASTA drama. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH :P . ALL THE BEST Adam for your back-to-school!!!!
-Alisha's awesome aunty- :p