Monday, January 25, 2010

Katakan Tak Nak Kepada Monday Blues

Ahhh… so now it’s 9am in the morning on a lovely Monday. I don't have classes on Monday. Awesome kan??

I just mandikan Alisha. Mommy made her wear “I LOVE MOMMY” rompers with cute white leggings. Comel.

*Is this the way to pout daddy??*

It comes in a pair. The other says “I LOVE DADDY”… Can't wait to go out with her with that baju. They have just left for work. Even my four month old baby goes to work on Monday… hehehe

I just got myself a new camera about a month ago. I was having a tough time choosing which model to buy but after a merry-go-round-touching-feeling-seeing-comparing-contemplating-considering –trigger-happy mode, I finally found one that settled nicely in my hands. Lo and Behold!

Canon 450D

think the Bride and her Partner are quite happy with the results of my 450D. You see, they have just started a new online business. They sell nice beautiful brand new bags, hairbands, belts and other women accessories at At the same time, they also sell the some of their stuff for second hand at So when the Bride gets some new items to be uploaded at the website, she’ll ask me to take some pictures for her. So I would happily direct her to do this and that and at the end of the day, we’ll get Papa-In-Law to comment on the pictures. Rasa berbaloi beli camera canggih. Hehehe.

I have created a new section of the Bride's business under Commercial Jurisdiction below. My advise is this: "Those who said that money can't buy happiness just don't know where to shop..." (i got it from some blog review page... hehehe)

These were pictures taken before we went to our friend / neighbour's wedding yesterday. :)

Alhamdulillah, I am now on course with my CIFP course. (See here and here) This semester I have 6 subjects altogether. The names of each subject is still very strange to me (I’ve never had more than 3 words in a subject but for CIFP, there is one subject that totals up to 7 words!!!) Memorizing the subject itself requires effort. Anyhow, the following are the subjects that I have to pass this semester:

1. Islamic Capital Market

2. Syariah Rules in Financial Transactions

3. Syariah Aspects of Business and Takaful

4. Islamic Economics

5. Deposit and Financing Operations of Islamic Banks (See!!! 7 words)

6. Reporting of Islamic Financial Transactions

Coming from a legal background, some of these subjects are genuinely alien to me. Since CIFP is a postgraduate study, students are expected to understand the basics whilst the lecturers stresses on the detailed advance terminologies, concepts, issues, application etc. luckily for me, the Bride and my wonderful sister-in-law (SIL) took some accounting and economics classes when they were doing their A-Levels. So I have with me some of their books to help me understand the basic stuff while I try my very best to make myself look like I understand in class as I digest the words of my lecturer.

By the way, I heard that SIL was down with diarrhea (sheesh, I can never spell this word!) I hope she’s recovering well and “pinjam buku eh??? *blink*blink*… (Dah ambik baru nak tanya…hehehe)

The best thing is that there is no class on Mondays and there may not be any class on Fridays as well (to be confirmed sometime this week.)

Anyway, I’d better go mandi now. Have to study! Haha. Yeah right!

Blog adjourned.

6 obiter dictum:

shueyshoelove said...

what ARE you teaching ur kid. kecik kecik dah tau posing. adalah comel!

two_one said...

Mana ada ajar... It's in the blood bebeh!!! hahaha

nurul cakapcakap said...

Canon 450D, wow!
baby yg sangat comel ye, pandai posing lagi.ada mcm chinese look sikit.

two_one said...

Nurul:tq.belum reti pakai camera saya mcm awak. I like ur pictures. I told my wife "kena belajar amik gambar dr budak ni, dia pandai cari angle". :)

nurul cakapcakap said...

waa terharunya, sy punya camera nikon d40. basic punya je. canon 450D ni twelve megapixel kan, lagi lawa la hasil dia kalau ambil gambar.

oh ya semoga pass semua subject semester ni.semua macam killer subject je.dalam satu masa jadi ayah,jadi husband & jadi student.sangat teruja.

good luck

Quiyah said...

alahai, geramnye tgk dier pout, rasa nak cubit pipi die yg tembom tuuh! geram, geram..