Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wisdom, Courage And A Dentist...

*Where I had my tooth pulled out**
If you have been following my Facebook status, I had just pulled out my top right wisdom tooth yesterday. About a year ago, (30th July 2009 to be specific) I plugged out my top left wisdom tooth. Both were growing off tangent and have resulted in a rapid gnawing of my inner mouth since they first grew out of my gum some 10 years ago.
Nasty rascals those two were.
Not only were they growing off tangent and gnawing my inner mouth, they were so hard to reach that both were full of cavities. Whenever I took anything sweet, I’d feel some pang of electric shock in my mouth. It will linger for about one whole minute!!!
My dentist in ss2 said that it was nothing and it must be because I have sensitive teeth.
*The Equipment... actually she just used something that looks like a screwdriver to plug my tooth out. Nothing fancy*
But when the electric shocks were unbearable, I went to see my cousin, who is a dental surgeon specialist at General Hospital. One look and she told me that both of my upper wisdom teeth were a goner. She was honest. She decided to pull one out that day (30th July 2009). She was also very gentle, professional and gave me a lot of encouragement.
After which I was just busy (and afraid actually) to go and see her for the other one. Then I found the courage I needed two days ago when I couldn’t even chew my food caused my inner lips were swollen. One phone call followed by an appointment and she did it again. Alhamdulillah I’ve got my two rascals out of my mouth. No trouble at all. There was operation or stitches required, much to my appreciation.
*Me trying to relax as I waited for the ubat kebas to kick in*
Now I’d get people telling me that I am no longer wise because after having two of the top ones pulled out, I have only one developed wisdom tooth and another one who is too shy to come out of my gum on my lower jaw.
I tell them that I kept both of those two wisdom teeth as my wisdom reference. They are safely in two separate clinic bags in my treasure box. Anyone who claims wisdom tooth is benchmark to wisdom should put the number of wisdom teeth he has in his resume. I'd love to see that happen.
I also believe that the myth that everyone is afraid to see a dentist until no other resort could be used is quite accurate. Almost everyone is afraid to go and see a dentist. The sound of their ears piercing drills and the tiny vibration it creates when it touches our teeth can send shivers down our spine. You get so scared that they just might drill your tongue or get the wrong tooth. I hate it when they have to clean the hole in your decayed tooth in order to put a filling. Ngilu gila!
My dad told me that when he was younger, his mother brought him to see a registered teeth expert. These are people who had been working for a long time with a dentist that they are allowed to pull people’s teeth as at that time, there were insufficient dentist. After his mother had her tooth pulled out, my very young dad was placed on the seat. The moment he saw the dentist with his syringe, he flipped and ran out of the clinic. His mother caught him but he was so scared that his mother just brought him home. He said his tooth became better after that scary incident.
I guess it was just mind over matter. If you don’t mind (or too afraid to mind) than it doesn’t matter! Haha! Takut sampai hilang sakit!!!
A dentist who treated Tun Dr. Mahathir, (Malaysia’s 4th Prime Minister) shook his hand after all was done. She found his hand to be extremely cold. She asked him why his hand was so cold. He whispered softly to her:
Even a doctor himself is afraid of a dentist.
Come what may, my cousin is the best Dentist ever!
Gentle, Professional, Kind and does a clean job.
I hope I would never have to visit her ever again.
Blog adjourned.

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Quiyah said...

even by reading ur blogpost gives me shivers in my spine..
seriously ngilu!
i hate dentist and i only go to see them once a year, which reminds me that my appoinment is due by the end of this month.

two_one said...

hehe. nasib baik i tak post gambar gigi i dengan darah disekelilingnya...
glad i could be some sort of your dental reminder. lol.

Quiyah said...

eeeyeeeeeeeeew BIG TIME!
I prefer to look at alisha super cuteness pictures plsssss...I just love her so much, cant get enough of her ooozing cuteness!
Good job to u and the bride for raising one super cuteness baby girl. :D
Doakan kami ok? We are still waiting for that 2 lines to appear on the HPT.